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Photo of Keith Poulson
Photo of Keith Poulson

Keith Poulson

“I don’t think I’m cast mostly for my face in general. I guess to a certain extent every actor’s face plays a part in the casting, but I feel like I have been cast because somebody feels like I understand the type of film they are trying to make, more than my voice or face or body, but I guess people don’t over-elaborate WHY they cast you and I don’t ask. But this one, I feel like my vocal pacing/tone I was more aware of, because I’m playing a character that wants to be left alone more than a character that wants to be heard, which is more usual.”

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    Nathan Silver United States, 2015

    Filmed on a bygone video camera, Stinking Heaven immerses you in the darkest crevices of the 1990s: a rehab commune housing a coven of colorful yet caustic personalities. A lucid vision of Sartre’s assertion that “hell is other people,” written with an utmost sincere sense of anarchy. Oddly sublime.

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    Matías Piñeiro Argentina, 2016

    Matías Piñeiro’s glorious Hermia & Helena intersects Shakespeare’s writing with the excitement of modern life. His first film in the U.S., this charming comedy captures the youthful zeal of New York, and plays creatively with form and time to craft an imaginative delight.


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