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Photo of Lee Kang-sheng
Photo of Lee Kang-sheng

Lee Kang-sheng

“Growing up, I often went to the movies with family. We had a temple group which would screen many films; all of us children would go see films. Back then, there wasn't much in the way of entertainment -- only festivals. Sometimes we would go see three films a day.”

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    Tsai Ming-liang Taiwan, 1992

    From Gregg Araki to Wong Kar Wai, the ‘90s were alive with rich cinematic visions of youth and urban alienation. Tsai Ming-liang’s debut might be the best of both worlds: a cast of melancholy souls tirelessly search for themselves in Taipei’s streets and find what or may not be a false idol…

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    Tsai Ming-liang Taiwan, 2013

    Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Venice, Tsai Ming-liang’s Stray Dogs is an exceedingly beautiful and heartbreaking gem. The film brings out a rare intensity from its performers through its mise-en-scène, as incredible close-ups and audacious camera placements stun in this formal masterpiece.


    Tsai Ming-liang Taiwan, 2020

    Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng’s masterwork is one of their simplest and sweetest propositions. A dialogue-free ode to carnal and spiritual longing that speaks profoundly to our contemporary moment, Days is a film about kinship, healing, and curative connections that tingles with anticipation.


    Tsai Ming-liang Taiwan, 2015

    Don’t mistake this magnificent documentary for marginalia in the careers of Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng. Fit to burst with warmth and tenderness, Afternoon hosts a conversation between the great filmmaker and his muse with exacting formal rigour. It’s one of the great love stories in cinema.



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