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Photo of Jun Kunimura
Photo of Jun Kunimura

Jun Kunimura

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    Takashi Miike Japan, 1999

    The notorious (and insanely prolific) Takashi Miike shot to fame with this cult horror classic, which starts out as deceptively light before diving gleefully off the deep end. To see Audition is to see a director at the peak of his powers breaking all the rules—but it’s not for the faint of heart.

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    Shin'ya Tsukamoto Japan, 2004

    Inspired by medical sketches of dissections, Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo) transforms the excesses of body horror into an imaginative story of the relationship between identity and the human body. Giving life to a sober subject, actor Tadanobu Asano tenderly embodies the disorientation of an amnesiac.


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