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Photo of Joe Lo Truglio
Photo of Joe Lo Truglio

Joe Lo Truglio

“Huge, huge horror movie fan. And I’ve written a couple of them. I wrote one with Ken Marino called “Burnt.” It’s a cross between “Last House on the Left” and an old-fashioned monster movie. It’s about some kids that go to the woods to grow some pot and there’s a hulking seven-foot burnt thing running around after them. So we’re trying to get that done. I’ll give you a little bit of geek information. When I was 13 I was a huge Stephen King fan and I had all his books of course, and kept them in a box, which was the empty box of my Atari 5200. And I kept them all in a box under the bed in the event, if there was a fire, I would be able to just grab the box of Stephen King books and get out. Not even worry about like banging on the doors to save the family, just get “Cujo,” “Fire Starter,” and “The Stand,” get them out. Get them all out safely before they burn!”


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