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Photo of Jay Keitel
Photo of Jay Keitel

Jay Keitel

'[Amy Seimetz on Jay Keitel] When we made Black Dragon Canyon, he told me, “I’ve been out here for three months, sleeping in my car, watching the way that the sun sets in every location we’re going to shoot in, so I’ve picked the times we’ll shoot these particular scenes.” It’s in a canyon in the middle of nowhere in Utah – Hanksville, gorgeous – and this approach was genius… it’s so… abusive to yourself, but a real love of light: a love of what that does to a scene and a care for what that does to a scene.'

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    Amy Seimetz United States, 2012

    The directorial debut from actor turned filmmaker Amy Seimetz (She Dies Tomorrow), this gripping, widely praised indie is centered around an unforgettable and captivatingly intense performance from lead performer Kate Lyn Sheil (The Girlfriend Experience). Co-starring director Kentucker Audley.

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