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Photo of Hélène Louvart
Photo of Hélène Louvart

Hélène Louvart

“Cinematography has been my passion, and I continue to be passionate. I have always chosen interesting projects, and even now, I continue to choose projects precisely, which seem to be interesting from my own perspective. Each movie is still a new experience.”

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    Caetano Gotardo, Marco Dutra Brazil, 2020

    From directors Marco Dutra (Good Manners) and Caetano Gotardo (Your Bones and Your Eyes) comes a majestic melodrama that confronts, head on, Brazil’s unsettled legacy of slavery. The ghosts of colonialism swirl through this grand period piece, asking pertinent and probing questions.

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    Carlo Lavagna Italy, 2015

    At nineteen, Arianna still hasn’t had her first period. The hormones her gynecologist has prescribed don’t seem to have any effect on her development. In the heat of the Tuscan summer she starts inquiring about her body and past, to face the true nature of her sexuality and identity.


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