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Photo of Hannah Gross
Photo of Hannah Gross

Hannah Gross

“There’s never anything solitary about acting. Choosing to be an actor means choosing to be entirely dependent on other people.”

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    Charles Poekel United States, 2014

    Need an antidote to the too-often terrible sub-genre of Christmas movies? Look no further than Charles Poekel’s debut: A gem that ignores the schlocky, capitalist veneer of holiday culture, but rather attends to the emotional and economic nuances brought about by the wintry, consumerist season.

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    Nathan Silver United States, 2015

    Filmed on a bygone video camera, Stinking Heaven immerses you in the darkest crevices of the 1990s: a rehab commune housing a coven of colorful yet caustic personalities. A lucid vision of Sartre’s assertion that “hell is other people,” written with an utmost sincere sense of anarchy. Oddly sublime.


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