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Photo of Gulzar
Photo of Gulzar


“Music has a natural place in our lives. Right from the shloka you recite in your morning puja and the milkman who comes whistling on his cycle, to the fakir singing as he begs for alms and your mother humming around the kitchen. Music fills our spaces naturally. It will always be dear to us.”

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    Shyam Benegal India, 1994

    Questioning the idea of home, roots, and identity, a poignant reflection on the emotional cost of India-Pakistan partition. The struggle unravels through the mundane day-to-day life of a poor family in Mumbai as their once Indian and now Pakistani relative visits them.

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    Kalpana Lajmi India, 1993

    A feminist story of friendship and the plight of women across social classes. This poignant story is set in the backdrop of an old custom from Rajasthan, where women of lower caste are hired as professional mourners to publicly display grief upon the death of upper-caste males.


    Shekhar Kapur India, 1983

    Shekhar Kapoor’s sensitive and compelling directorial debut, Masoom is a gentle exploration of complex, guilt-ridden marital relationships. The outstanding performances by child actors bring a levity to the film and balance the lonely, forlorn, grey world of the adults.


    Nandita Das India, 2008

    This film centres its plot around a major historical tragedy that unfolds through a series of stories as told through the perspective of a blend of characters. The film is anchored by the profoundly inspirational Naseeruddin Shah and features excellent art direction and deeply moving themes.


    Basu Bhattacharya India, 1971

    A nuanced and delicately told story of the intricacies of a marital relationship, Anubhav was a film way ahead of its time. The complex central theme unfolds through the simple story of a workaholic doctor and his homemaker wife who takes it upon herself to save their marriage from losing steam.


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