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Photo of Gastone Moschin
Photo of Gastone Moschin

Gastone Moschin

“L'ho adorato prima come uomo che come regista [Pietro Germi] sul set di Signore & signori era scrupoloso e molto severo. Se un attore non era preparato si arrabbiava moltissimo. Arrivai a Treviso perché qualcuno aveva detto a Germi che ero veneto, e lui mi prese. Era un uomo riservato.”

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    Bernardo Bertolucci Italy, 1970

    Regularly hailed as one of the greatest films ever made (and rightly so), Bernardo Bertolucci’s supreme masterpiece is both a 70s political thriller and a surreal, highly sensual journey to Europe’s troubled past. It was a huge influence on Coppola for The Godfather, and is essential to this day.

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    Fernando Di Leo Italy, 1972

    Italian B-movie auteur Fernando Di Leo was a master of crime whose 70s pulp fiction—stylish and nihilistic, funky and continental. He has been a big influence on Tarantino and continues to delight cinephiles looking for a walk on the wild side. Danger is forever.


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