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Photo of Esteban Bigliardi
Photo of Esteban Bigliardi

Esteban Bigliardi

“Quiero actuar en cine, que es una de las aventuras más increíbles que te pueden pasar en la vida, es de lo más vital. Te juntás tres o seis meses antes con un director, lo conocés, luego trabajás sobre el guión, la gente que se va sumando. Todo eso me apasiona.”

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    Lisandro Alonso Argentina, 2014

    Remarkably bold filmmaking from Argentina’s Lisandro Alonso, the enigmatic Jauja is a postcolonial political allegory rendered in witty shots dazzlingly colored and composed. A film hypnotic and transfixing, minimalist and expressionistic. Starring Viggo Mortensen.

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    Matías Piñeiro Argentina, 2012

    Over the course of his enchanting filmography, Argentinian auteur Matías Piñeiro has been re-imagining Shakespeare’s masterpieces on his delightfully intimate, lively canvas. With Viola, he spins Twelfth Night into a rich yarn of life-imitating-art… or might it be the other away around?


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