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Photo of Dustin Guy Defa
Photo of Dustin Guy Defa

Dustin Guy Defa

“I do get very excited about figuring out how can you just let the story go away for a minute, how can you be leisurely, and still somehow drive the story at the same time? There are times when you think the movie is going off track, but it’s the actual track I wanted it to go on—they’re almost like asides, but they still have to do with everything.”

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    Dustin Guy Defa United States, 2017

    Expanding on his esteemed 2014 short, Dustin Guy Defa composes a multi-layered love letter to the streets of New York. Shooting on richly textured Super 16mm, Defa weaves together a series of shaggy character portraits, each lending its own harmonic register to this amiably ambling city symphony.

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    Rick Alverson United States, 2015

    Referencing his iconic Neil Hamburger character, Gregg Turkington is a beautiful trainwreck of a comedian in Rick Alverson’s dark parable on the entertainment industry. Featuring a stellar cast including John C. Reilly, this Lynchian road trip to nowhere extracts humor out of misery—and vice versa.


    Dustin Guy Defa United States, 2011

    This fiercely empathetic examination of pathological loneliness is the debut feature from indie auteur Dustin Guy Defa (Person to Person). Featuring a remarkable lead performance from Kentucker Audley as an aspiring stand-up comedian, Bad Fever is a prickly yet poignant study in social anxiety.



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