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Photo of Dominique Hennequin
Photo of Dominique Hennequin

Dominique Hennequin

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    Jean-Jacques Beineix France, 1986

    Jean-Jacques Beineix’s stylish, ultra-erotic film—with an unforgettably fierce debut by Béatrice Dalle—erupted with such a slick new style that a whole movement was named around it (along with the work of Luc Besson & Leos Carax!): Cinéma du look. Shown here in its revitalized director’s cut form.

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    Jacques Doillon France, 1999

    Filmed through a documentary approach and with nonprofessional actors, Jacques Doillon worked with teens from the impoverished suburbs of Paris to tell the story of a challenging childhood. A fiction ingrained in the real lives of its actors, Little Fellas resonates through its raw truthfulness.


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