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Photo of Diego Garcia
Photo of Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia

'[Apichatpong Weerasethakul on Diego Garcia] Carlos Reygadas recommended this young guy, and I said, OK, let’s try it, and it was perfect. Diego worked very precisely, so for us, with the time we had, there was not much room for improvisation.'

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    Yorgos Lanthimos Germany, 2019

    Yorgos Lanthimos’s movies love to flirt—often comically—with horror: the fear that behind the façade of society is a gaping maw of existential terror. In this dastardly short, a shrewdly cast Matt Dillon realizes that no role in life is irreplaceable. Suddenly, nothing is safe—not even ourselves.

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    Carlos Reygadas Mexico, 2018

    Carlos Reygadas’s cinema is one of meticulous observation and grandiose revelations. Casting himself and his real-life wife, the Mexican auteur boldly explores—with spellbinding visuals—the dark corners of relationships, dissecting patriarchy along the way. A domestic drama of majestic proportions.


    Gabriel Mascaro Brazil, 2015

    Neon Bull captures the world of Brazil’s vaquejada rodeo tradition through a sensual, intimate, and realist style—finding grace in the mundane, unearthing tenderness within the bestial. The human is never far from the animal in this meditative, scintillating slice-of-life portrait of a community.


    Yulene Olaizola Mexico, 2012

    With male Mexican directors scoring budgets and awards in Hollywood—think of Guillermo del Toro, Cuarón, and Iñárritu—one has to look in the sidelines, of course, to find the talented female filmmakers. Yulene Olaizola has a bright future ahead of her, as this beautiful doc-fiction hybrid proves.


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