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Photo of Danielius Kokanauskis
Photo of Danielius Kokanauskis

Danielius Kokanauskis

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    Sergei Loznitsa Netherlands, 2019

    Sergei Loznitsa’s reconstruction of Stalin’s funeral is an enthralling immersion into the power of authoritarianism and the cult of personality. With its monumental pomp, mourning masses, distraught individuals, and hints of a Soviet power struggle, the film reveals an astonishing moment of history.

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    Sergei Loznitsa Netherlands, 2015

    The startling clarity of the restored footage alone lends a present-tense immediacy to Loznitsa’s archival summoning of 1991 Leningrad. At once a resurrection of a moment and its retrospective refraction, The Event speaks to the effects of documentary technique on the malleable nature of history.


    Sergei Loznitsa Netherlands, 2018

    Sergei Loznitsa’s reconstructed and condensed archival documentary of a Stalinist show trial is a rare revelation of the process by which justice is staged, citizens are purged, and a nation fooled. Behind the courtroom’s grandiloquent accusations and rehearsed confessions is a template for terror.


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