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Photo of Cristi Puiu
Photo of Cristi Puiu

Cristi Puiu

“I’m not like other directors who don’t allow their actors to watch. I let them have one scene their way, one for me, then allow them to compare. I don’t choose actors for their appearance or ability in dancing or whatever, but because of their intelligence.”

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    Cristi Puiu Romania, 2020

    Grand themes and heated discussions are served at a 19th century Christmas Eve dinner party in this major, Berlinale-winning work from Cristi Puiu. Formally elegant yet wryly punctuated, Malmkrog tightens its dialectical screws with one eye on the present, the other on droll, Buñuelian ironies.

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    Cristi Puiu Romania, 2010

    Viorel (director Cristi Puiu) wakes up one day anxious. Without looking for an explanation, he aimlessly crosses Bucharest from one end to the other, haunted by the insecurity that has dominated his life since his divorce, before taking a startling action…