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Photo of Camille Cottagnoud
Photo of Camille Cottagnoud

Camille Cottagnoud

“Surprisingly, the closer we are when we're filming, the more we are accepted.”

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    Manuel von Stürler Switzerland, 2012

    We follow two modern-day shepherds herding their flocks through the snowy landscapes of Switzerland in this blissful and bucolic vérité work. A quiet sense of contemplation prevails as we learn of ancient customs, pursue the rhythms of the path, and share in their irresistible spirit of adventure.

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    Fernand Melgar Switzerland, 2008

    Chronicling undocumented immigrants and asylum-seekers who must justify their presence in affluent Switzerland, this is a stirring and compassionate documentary rendered in stunning cinematography. Winner of the Filmmakers of the Present Golden Leopard at Locarno Festival.


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