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Photo of Bulle Ogier
Photo of Bulle Ogier

Bulle Ogier

“I’ve had the feeling of late, seeing my work again, that it’s somebody else on the screen. For the last few years, I always have that feeling. And since one always doubts, when I see L’Amour fou, The Salamander, La Vallée I think that I was quite pretty, not too bad, and not a bad actress. But ultimately that it was somebody else. Truly.”

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    Jacques Rivette France, 1976

    A phantasmagoric noir from Jacques Rivette, whose free-form tales of conspiracy and game-playing inspire clandestine fervor. Rivette followed his masterpiece Celine and Julie Go Boating with Duelle, championed by the Quinzaine, and starring the great Juliet Berto and Bulle Ogier.

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