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Photo of Bernadette Lafont
Photo of Bernadette Lafont

Bernadette Lafont

“People would tell you that your films had transformed their lives. You learn that once you’ve finished a film, it no longer belongs to you.”

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    Philippe Garrel France, 1968

    In astonishingly beautiful B&W, Philippe Garrel’s silent experimental narrative film was made in his 20s with the ferocious Zanzibar art collective. Shot near military camps in Germany to create a feeling of oppression, it is a primal response to the events of May ’68 as they were still unfolding.

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    Jacques Rivette France, 1976

    Film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum has described this film from French New Waver Jacques Rivette as a fusion of female pirate adventure, mythological fantasy, Jacobean tragedy, experimental dance film, and personal psychodrama! This wildly risky film somehow seems unimaginable today.


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