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Photo of Arvind Swamy
Photo of Arvind Swamy

Arvind Swamy

“It’s age! I now have the experience of life and all I’ve seen. I came in when I was in my twenties and I wasn’t prepared to be an actor. Then there was my sabbatical, my accident and I was single-parenting my kids. Your mind expands, you become mature and you feel liberated. I don’t care about being conventional. I want to be daring. What’s the fun in giving people what they expect from you?”

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    Rajiv Menon India, 1997

    “In this lighthearted love triangle, Thomas falls head over heels for Priya, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. But bashful Thomas can’t bring himself to confess his love to Priya, who sees him only as a friend.
    (Also known as Sapnay.)”

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