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Warsaw International Film Festival

  1. Killing Time

    Killing Time

  2. Incendies


  3. Rubber


  4. Kaboom


  5. Sound of Noise
  6. Aurora


  7. A Useful Life
    Special Mention

    A Useful Life

  8. On Tour

    On Tour

  9. The Imperialists Are Still Alive!
    Competition 1-2 Award

    The Imperialists Are Still Alive!

  10. Silent Souls

    Silent Souls

  11. A Screaming Man

    A Screaming Man

  12. Tilva Rosh

    Tilva Rosh

  13. Cyrus


  14. If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle

    If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle

  15. When We Leave

    When We Leave

  16. Littlerock


  17. Robert Mitchum Is Dead

    Robert Mitchum Is Dead

  18. We Are What We Are

    We Are What We Are

  19. Adrienn Pál

    Adrienn Pál

  20. Third Star

    Third Star

  21. Udaan


  22. The Cage
    Best Short

    The Cage

  23. Illegal


  24. The Edge

    The Edge

  25. Outbound
  26. Draquila - Italy Trembles

    Draquila - Italy Trembles

  27. Jo for Jonathan

    Jo for Jonathan

  28. Aardvark


  29. Barking Island

    Barking Island

  30. Everything Will Be Fine

    Everything Will Be Fine

  31. The Sentimental Engine Slayer

    The Sentimental Engine Slayer

  32. 7 Days

    7 Days

  33. One Day

    One Day

  34. The Christening

    The Christening

  35. Young Girls in Black

    Young Girls in Black

  36. The Lips

    The Lips

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