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Warsaw International Film Festival

  1. The Green Jacket

    The Green Jacket

  2. Distant


  3. Hasta Santiago
    Best Animated Short

    Hasta Santiago

  4. Much Better Than You
    Free Spirit Award

    Much Better Than You

  5. The Kill Team

    The Kill Team

  6. My Dog Killer

    My Dog Killer

  7. Wind of Share

    Wind of Share

  8. Acts of God

    Acts of God

  9. The Note

    The Note

  10. A Universal Language

    A Universal Language

  11. Woodwoo


  12. Seduce Me
    Special Mention: Competition 1-2 Award

    Seduce Me

  13. History of Pets

    History of Pets

  14. Ab Ovo

    Ab Ovo

  15. Miss Todd

    Miss Todd

  16. Rites of Passage
    Special Mention: Free Spirit Award

    Rites of Passage

  17. Trolling


  18. Normalization


  19. A Very Unsettled Summer

    A Very Unsettled Summer

  20. Darling


  21. Purgatorio: A Journey to the Heart of the Border

    Purgatorio: A Journey to the Heart of the Border

  22. My Stolen Revolution

    My Stolen Revolution

  23. Drops of Heaven

    Drops of Heaven

  24. Family Tour

    Family Tour

  25. Kids Return: The Reunion

    Kids Return: The Reunion

  26. Center Stage

    Center Stage

  27. Little Secret
    Short Film (Audience Award)

    Little Secret

  28. Bandits


  29. In God We Trust

    In God We Trust

  30. Summer Vacation

    Summer Vacation

  31. My Stuff

    My Stuff

  32. Rabbit and Deer

    Rabbit and Deer

  33. Room on the Broom

    Room on the Broom

  34. Rogalik


  35. No Autumn, No Spring

    No Autumn, No Spring

  36. Emperor Visits the Hell

    Emperor Visits the Hell