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Venice Film Festival

  1. Thomas in Love
  2. Memento


  3. Platform
    Netpac Award


  4. O Fantasma

    O Fantasma

  5. The Isle
    Special Mention: Netpac Award

    The Isle

  6. Together


  7. You Can Count on Me

    You Can Count on Me

  8. The Circle
  9. Little Otik

    Little Otik

  10. Brother


  11. Before Night Falls

    Before Night Falls

  12. The Day I Became a Woman
  13. The Princess and the Warrior

    The Princess and the Warrior

  14. Small Time Crooks

    Small Time Crooks

  15. Vengo


  16. Freedom
  17. Pollock


  18. Time and Tide
    Future Film Festival Digital Award

    Time and Tide

  19. Comedy of Innocence

    Comedy of Innocence

  20. Burnt Money

    Burnt Money

  21. Our Lady of the Assassins
    The President of the Italian Senate's Gold Medal

    Our Lady of the Assassins

  22. The Goddess of 1967
    Best Actress

    The Goddess of 1967

  23. The Hundred Steps

    The Hundred Steps

  24. Dr. T and the Women

    Dr. T and the Women

  25. Possible Worlds

    Possible Worlds

  26. Last Resort

    Last Resort

  27. Word and Utopia
    Filmcritica Bastone Bianco Award

    Word and Utopia

  28. The Town Is Quiet

    The Town Is Quiet

  29. Poetical Refugee
  30. The Man Who Cried

    The Man Who Cried

  31. Durian Durian

    Durian Durian

  32. To Mathieu

    To Mathieu

  33. Liam
    OCIC Award


  34. Calle 54

    Calle 54

  35. Roman Summer

    Roman Summer

  36. Holy Tongue
    Best Actor (Pasinetti Award)

    Holy Tongue

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