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Venice Film Festival

  1. But Forever in My Mind
    Rota Soundtrack Award

    But Forever in My Mind

  2. Fight Club

    Fight Club

  3. Being John Malkovich
  4. Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut

  5. Beau travail

    Beau travail

  6. The Wind Will Carry Us

    The Wind Will Carry Us

  7. Boys Don't Cry

    Boys Don't Cry

  8. julien donkey-boy

    julien donkey-boy

  9. Sweet and Lowdown

    Sweet and Lowdown

  10. Not One Less

    Not One Less

  11. Topsy-Turvy
    Best Actor (Volpi Cup)


  12. Criminal Lovers

    Criminal Lovers

  13. The Wind of the Night

    The Wind of the Night

  14. An Affair of Love
  15. Bleeder


  16. The Cider House Rules

    The Cider House Rules

  17. After the Rain
    Best Film on the Relationship Man-Nature (CinemAvvenire' Award)

    After the Rain

  18. Holy Smoke!
    Elvira Notari Prize

    Holy Smoke!

  19. Jesus' Son
  20. Gemini


  21. Moon Father

    Moon Father

  22. Wisconsin Death Trip

    Wisconsin Death Trip

  23. Lies


  24. Crane World
  25. Seventeen Years
  26. Barren Illusions

    Barren Illusions

  27. The Protagonists

    The Protagonists

  28. Eye of the Beholder

    Eye of the Beholder

  29. Return of the Idiot

    Return of the Idiot

  30. Mal


  31. Bye Bye Africa

    Bye Bye Africa

  32. São Jerônimo

    São Jerônimo

  33. Closed Doors
  34. Hakuchi: The Innocent
    Future Film Festival Digital Award

    Hakuchi: The Innocent

  35. Music of the Heart

    Music of the Heart

  36. Northern Skirts
    Marcello Mastroianni Award

    Northern Skirts

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