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Venice Film Festival

  1. A Estrangeira

    A Estrangeira

  2. Veronika Voss

    Veronika Voss

  3. The Draughtsman's Contract

    The Draughtsman's Contract

  4. A Good Marriage
    Best Actress (Golden Phoenix)

    A Good Marriage

  5. Querelle


  6. The State of Things

    The State of Things

  7. Toute une nuit

    Toute une nuit

  8. The Trout

    The Trout

  9. Ana


  10. A Blow to the Heart

    A Blow to the Heart

  11. An Egyptian Story

    An Egyptian Story

  12. Imperative
  13. The Eyes, the Mouth

    The Eyes, the Mouth

  14. Private Life
  15. Tempest
    Best Actress (Pasinetti Award)


  16. The Flight of the Eagle
    Best Actor (Pasinetti Award)

    The Flight of the Eagle

  17. Ehrengard


  18. The Hes Case
  19. The Dam

    The Dam

  20. Grog


  21. Les sacrifiés

    Les sacrifiés

  22. The Voice

    The Voice

  23. Chopin
    Best First Work


  24. The Blue Planet

    The Blue Planet

  25. Agony
    FIPRESCI Prize