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Venice Film Festival

  1. The Asphalt Jungle
    Best Actor (Volpi Cup)

    The Asphalt Jungle

  2. La ronde
  3. Cinderella
    Special Prize


  4. Stromboli


  5. The Flowers of St. Francis

    The Flowers of St. Francis

  6. Gone to Earth
    Best Score (International Award)

    Gone to Earth

  7. Caged
  8. Panic in the Streets
    International Award

    Panic in the Streets

  9. The Blue Lamp

    The Blue Lamp

  10. September Affair

    September Affair

  11. Rosauro Castro

    Rosauro Castro

  12. The Great Manhunt

    The Great Manhunt

  13. Father's Dilemma
    International Award

    Father's Dilemma

  14. Seven Days to Noon

    Seven Days to Noon

  15. The Man Without a Face

    The Man Without a Face

  16. A True-Life Adventure: In Beaver Valley
    Special Jury Prize

    A True-Life Adventure: In Beaver Valley

  17. God Needs Men
    OCIC Award

    God Needs Men

  18. Justice Is Done
    Golden Lion

    Justice Is Done

  19. Out of Evil

  20. La vie commence demain

    La vie commence demain

  21. Once a Thief

    Once a Thief

  22. Epilogue


  23. Frauenarzt Dr. Prätorius

    Frauenarzt Dr. Prätorius

  24. Tomorrow Is Too Late
    Best Italian Film

    Tomorrow Is Too Late

  25. Saturday Night

    Saturday Night

  26. Twelve Hours to Live

    Twelve Hours to Live

  27. Morning Departure

    Morning Departure

  28. All the King's Men

    All the King's Men

  29. Only a Mother
    Best Cinematography (International Award)

    Only a Mother

  30. Give Us This Day
    Pasinetti Award

    Give Us This Day

  31. Beit Avi

    Beit Avi