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Vancouver International Film Festival

  1. Flow


  2. Maborosi
    Dragons and Tigers Award


  3. Carrington
    Most Popular Film


  4. The Confessional
    Best Canadian Screenplay

    The Confessional

  5. Tropical Fish

    Tropical Fish

  6. Margaret's Museum
    Most Popular Canadian Film

    Margaret's Museum

  7. Mee Pok Man

    Mee Pok Man

  8. Bugis Street

    Bugis Street

  9. Bye-Bye


  10. Sweet Grass

  11. Broken Branches

    Broken Branches

  12. Every Odd Numbered Day

  13. Caught in the Acts
    Best Documentary Feature

    Caught in the Acts

  14. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

    Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

  15. How Old is the River?

    How Old is the River?

  16. Washed Ashore

    Washed Ashore