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Vancouver International Film Festival

  1. Garden Store: Family Friend

    Garden Store: Family Friend

  2. Azar


  3. La Pesca

    La Pesca

  4. Shut Up and Say Something
  5. gregoire


  6. Memory of the Peace
    Special Mention: Best BC Short Film

    Memory of the Peace

  7. Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

    Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

  8. Anarchist from Colony

    Anarchist from Colony

  9. A Fish Out of Water

    A Fish Out of Water

  10. Slap Happy

    Slap Happy

  11. The Hidden Sword

    The Hidden Sword

  12. Paradox


  13. Shadow Nettes
    Best Canadian Short Film

    Shadow Nettes

  14. Roadside Attraction

    Roadside Attraction

  15. Bickford Park

    Bickford Park

  16. Housewife


  17. Milk


  18. Bird


  19. Public Schooled

    Public Schooled

  20. Sweating the Small Stuff

    Sweating the Small Stuff

  21. Farewell


  22. A Skin So Soft

    A Skin So Soft

  23. Dead Shack

    Dead Shack

  24. Armed With Faith

    Armed With Faith

  25. Blue
    VIFF Impact Award


  26. No Bed of Roses

    No Bed of Roses

  27. On the Seventh Day

    On the Seventh Day

  28. The Line

    The Line

  29. Worst Case, We Get Married
    Vancouver Women in Film and Television Artistic Merit Award

    Worst Case, We Get Married

  30. Rebels on Pointe

    Rebels on Pointe

  31. Crème De Menthe

    Crème De Menthe

  32. In the Waves

    In the Waves

  33. In Time to Come

    In Time to Come

  34. A Marriage Story

    A Marriage Story

  35. King of Peking

    King of Peking

  36. Ice Mother

    Ice Mother