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Vancouver International Film Festival

  1. Winter Flies

    Winter Flies

  2. Caterpillarplasty


  3. Carmen & Lola

    Carmen & Lola

  4. The Grizzlies
    Special Mention: Best Canadian Film

    The Grizzlies

  5. Euphoria


  6. United Skates

    United Skates

  7. Waiting for April

    Waiting for April

  8. The New Romantic

    The New Romantic

  9. Girls Always Happy

    Girls Always Happy

  10. Shock Waves: Diary of My Mind

    Shock Waves: Diary of My Mind

  11. Profile


  12. Petra


  13. Compete


  14. Inside My Heart

    Inside My Heart

  15. Hazel Isle

    Hazel Isle

  16. Everything Outside

    Everything Outside

  17. Mangoshake


  18. Baikonur, Earth

    Baikonur, Earth

  19. Titanyum


  20. Haus


  21. The Soft Space

    The Soft Space

  22. The Museum of Forgotten Triumphs
    Best Canadian Documentary

    The Museum of Forgotten Triumphs

  23. Broken Bunny
    Sea to Sky Award

    Broken Bunny

  24. Woman in Stall

    Woman in Stall

  25. Anointed


  26. The Whistleblower of My Lai

    The Whistleblower of My Lai

  27. When the Storm Fades
    Emerging Canadian Director

    When the Storm Fades

  28. Trophy Boy

    Trophy Boy

  29. Boy Saint

    Boy Saint

  30. No One Will Ever Know

    No One Will Ever Know

  31. Introduzione all'oscuro

    Introduzione all'oscuro

  32. ante mis ojos

    ante mis ojos

  33. Sharkwater Extinction

    Sharkwater Extinction

  34. Exit
    Most Promising Director of a Canadian Short Film


  35. Kingsway


  36. Through Black Spruce

    Through Black Spruce