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Vancouver International Film Festival

  1. Get Out of the Car

    Get Out of the Car

  2. R


  3. Dear Prudence

    Dear Prudence

  4. A Film Unfinished

    A Film Unfinished

  5. Fortune Teller

    Fortune Teller

  6. Bi, Don't Be Afraid!

    Bi, Don't Be Afraid!

  7. 607


  8. Dissolution


  9. Vapor Trail (Clark)

    Vapor Trail (Clark)

  10. L.A. Zombie

    L.A. Zombie

  11. Sawako Decides

    Sawako Decides

  12. The Ugly Duckling

    The Ugly Duckling

  13. Kimu; the strange dance

    Kimu; the strange dance

  14. Chassis


  15. Gallants


  16. End of Animal

    End of Animal

  17. Pulsar


  18. Russian Lessons

    Russian Lessons

  19. On the Way to the Sea

    On the Way to the Sea

  20. Mokhtar
    Most Promising Director of a Canadian Short Film


  21. The Indian Boundary Line

    The Indian Boundary Line

  22. Kinshasa Symphony
    Most Popular Nonfiction Film Award (Africa Today)

    Kinshasa Symphony

  23. Vespa


  24. Sandcastle


  25. Mighty Jerome

    Mighty Jerome

  26. Love Translated

    Love Translated

  27. A Drummer's Dream

    A Drummer's Dream

  28. The Family Complete

    The Family Complete

  29. Merry-Go-Round


  30. Icarus Under the Sun

    Icarus Under the Sun

  31. Insects in the Backyard

    Insects in the Backyard

  32. Love Birds

    Love Birds

  33. Good Morning to the World!

    Good Morning to the World!

  34. SFO


  35. The Yellow Bank

    The Yellow Bank

  36. Thomas Mao

    Thomas Mao