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Valladolid International Film Festival

  1. Papusza
  2. Short Term 12
    Audience Award

    Short Term 12

  3. Night Moves
    Best Director of Photography

    Night Moves

  4. La maison de la radio
    Best Documentary

    La maison de la radio

  5. Tokyo Family
    Best Film (Golden Spike)

    Tokyo Family

  6. Metro Manila

    Metro Manila

  7. Hide Your Smiling Faces
    Meeting Point Section (Youth Jury Award)

    Hide Your Smiling Faces

  8. Heavenly Shift

    Heavenly Shift

  9. Subconscious Password
    Best Short Film (Silver Spike)

    Subconscious Password

  10. The Missing Scarf
    EFA Short Film Award

    The Missing Scarf

  11. Run & Jump
    Best Film (Silver Spike)

    Run & Jump

  12. Under the Rainbow
    Best Screenplay (Miguel Delibes Award)

    Under the Rainbow

  13. Boles
    Best Short Film (Golden Spike)


  14. Matterhorn
  15. Gabor


  16. The Wake

    The Wake

  17. The Reconstruction
    Critic's Choice Award

    The Reconstruction

  18. Eating Lunch
    Best European Short Film

    Eating Lunch

  19. Rabbit and Deer

    Rabbit and Deer

  20. High Five: A Suburban Adoption Saga
    2nd Place: Best Documentary

    High Five: A Suburban Adoption Saga