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Tribeca Film Festival

  1. O.J.: Made in America

    O.J.: Made in America

  2. Obit


  3. Perfect Strangers
    Best Screenplay (International Narrative Competition)

    Perfect Strangers

  4. Notes on Blindness
    Storyscapes Award (Narrative Feature)

    Notes on Blindness

  5. Live Cargo

    Live Cargo

  6. Extremis
    Best Documentary Short


  7. Always Shine
  8. All This Panic

    All This Panic

  9. Houston, We Have a Problem!

    Houston, We Have a Problem!

  10. Icaros: A Vision

    Icaros: A Vision

  11. Shadow World

    Shadow World

  12. Snowbird


  13. Women Who Kill
    Best Screenplay (Narrative Feature)

    Women Who Kill

  14. The First Monday in May

    The First Monday in May

  15. Kicks
    Best Cinematography (U.S. Narrative Competition)


  16. National Bird

    National Bird

  17. King Cobra

    King Cobra

  18. Love True

    Love True

  19. Curmudgeons


  20. Contemporary Color
  21. Junction 48
    Best Narrative Feature (International Narrative Competition)

    Junction 48

  22. Awol


  23. The Tenth Man
    Best Actor (International Narrative Competition)

    The Tenth Man

  24. Joe's Violin

    Joe's Violin

  25. Betting on Zero

    Betting on Zero

  26. Tickling Giants

    Tickling Giants

  27. Dreamland


  28. Parents


  29. The Happy Film

    The Happy Film

  30. Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

    Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

  31. Adult Life Skills
    Nora Ephron Prize (U.S. Narrative Competition)

    Adult Life Skills

  32. Check It

    Check It

  33. The Last Laugh

    The Last Laugh

  34. The Ticket

    The Ticket

  35. Detour


  36. Equity