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Tribeca Film Festival

  1. Madly
    Best Actress (International Narrative Competition)


  2. Starring Austin Pendleton

    Starring Austin Pendleton

  3. The Charro of Toluquilla

    The Charro of Toluquilla

  4. Solitary: Inside Red Onion St. Prison

    Solitary: Inside Red Onion St. Prison

  5. Between Us

    Between Us

  6. Abortion: Stories Women Tell

    Abortion: Stories Women Tell

  7. Super Sex

    Super Sex

  8. Tunnel


  9. For Your Own Safety

    For Your Own Safety

  10. Midsummer in Newtown

    Midsummer in Newtown

  11. The Return
    Audience Award (Documentary)

    The Return

  12. Keep Quiet

    Keep Quiet

  13. Best Narrative Short - Special Jury Mention (Documentary)

    The Chauffeur

  14. The Board

  15. Father's Day

  16. Wannabe

  17. Hold On
    Best Narrative Short

    Hold On

  18. The Duke: Based on the Memoir 'I'm the Duke' by J.P. Duke

    The Duke: Based on the Memoir 'I'm the Duke' by J.P. Duke

  19. Pronouns


  20. Bugs


  21. Untouchable
    Albert Maysles New Documentary Director Award (Narrative Feature)


  22. Mulberry

  23. Student Visionary Award (Narrative Feature)

    Ping Pong Coach

  24. A Teachable Moment

    A Teachable Moment

  25. Mother


  26. Girl Band

  27. The Mulberry Bush

    The Mulberry Bush

  28. Do Not Resist
    Best Documentary Feature (U.S. Narrative Competition)

    Do Not Resist

  29. Burn Country
    Best Actor (U.S. Narrative Competition)

    Burn Country

  30. The Boxer

    The Boxer

  31. Folk Hero & Funny Guy

    Folk Hero & Funny Guy

  32. Dean
    Best Narrative Feature (U.S. Narrative Competition)


  33. Here Alone
    Audience Award (Narrative Feature)

    Here Alone

  34. High-Rise


  35. As I Open My Eyes

    As I Open My Eyes

  36. Reset