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Transilvania International Film Festival

  1. Cage


  2. Everything Strange and New

    Everything Strange and New

  3. Precut Girl

    Precut Girl

  4. The Danaides' Barrel

    The Danaides' Barrel

  5. Casa Brown

    Casa Brown

  6. The Doll's Eye

    The Doll's Eye

  7. The Mother of God from the Ground Floor

    The Mother of God from the Ground Floor

  8. Zaza


  9. Into the Storm

    Into the Storm

  10. The Merry Circus

    The Merry Circus

  11. Last Conversation
    Special Mention

    Last Conversation

  12. The Ordinary People

    The Ordinary People

  13. Buried Secrets

    Buried Secrets

  14. Tourists


  15. The Crocodiles

    The Crocodiles

  16. Rebel, Rebel

    Rebel, Rebel

  17. Kings of the Castle

    Kings of the Castle

  18. The Neighbor Zombie

    The Neighbor Zombie

  19. Space Sailors

    Space Sailors

  20. The Way Beyond

    The Way Beyond

  21. Temple of Trust

    Temple of Trust

  22. Guidance


  23. Members of the Funeral

    Members of the Funeral

  24. Counting Sheep

    Counting Sheep

  25. Possessed


  26. Starring Maja

    Starring Maja

  27. Restless


  28. Comrade Couture

    Comrade Couture

  29. Toad's Oil

    Toad's Oil

  30. Shirley Adams

    Shirley Adams

  31. Newsmakers


  32. Original


  33. Ponyo


  34. Tony Manero

    Tony Manero

  35. Goodbye Solo

    Goodbye Solo

  36. Lemon Tree

    Lemon Tree