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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. Luna Park

    Luna Park

  2. Another Girl, Another Planet

    Another Girl, Another Planet

  3. Between Heaven and Earth

    Between Heaven and Earth

  4. Manhattan by Numbers

    Manhattan by Numbers

  5. Twist


  6. Requiem for a Handsome Bastard
    Best Canadian Feature Film

    Requiem for a Handsome Bastard

  7. Equinox


  8. Crush


  9. The Southern Cross

    The Southern Cross

  10. Nargess


  11. Waterland


  12. Sevillanas


  13. IP5: The Island of Pachyderms

    IP5: The Island of Pachyderms

  14. Oxygen Starvation

    Oxygen Starvation

  15. The Postmistress

    The Postmistress

  16. Child's Play

    Child's Play

  17. The Need

    The Need

  18. Female Misbehavior

    Female Misbehavior

  19. Forbidden Homework

    Forbidden Homework

  20. Mac


  21. On the Bridge

    On the Bridge

  22. The Operating Room

    The Operating Room

  23. Feed


  24. Giant Steps

    Giant Steps

  25. Best Canadian Short Film - Special Jury Citation


  26. Buried on Sunday

    Buried on Sunday

  27. Vermont is for Lovers

    Vermont is for Lovers

  28. Dimissed from Life

    Dimissed from Life

  29. All That Really Matters

    All That Really Matters

  30. Wild West

    Wild West

  31. Prague


  32. Moscow Parade

    Moscow Parade

  33. Modern Crimes

    Modern Crimes

  34. A Fairy for Dessert

  35. Video Blues

    Video Blues

  36. Liberators Take Liberties

    Liberators Take Liberties