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Torino Film Festival

  1. Bobby G Can't Swim

    Bobby G Can't Swim

  2. En face

    En face

  3. eXistenZ


  4. Human Resources
  5. Meanwhile


  6. Throne of Death
    Best Feature Film (Prize of the City of Torino)

    Throne of Death

  7. Desserts


  8. When It Thunders

    When It Thunders

  9. Bibione Bye Bye One

    Bibione Bye Bye One

  10. Pinocchio
    Special Mention: Italian Fiction Film


  11. Shady Grove

    Shady Grove

  12. Psy Show
    Short Film (Special Jury Prize)

    Psy Show

  13. Les siestes Grenadine
    Feature Film (Special Jury Prize)

    Les siestes Grenadine

  14. Blush


  15. The Zone

    The Zone

  16. The Junction
    Achille Valdata Audience Award

    The Junction

  17. Red as the River

    Red as the River

  18. Soft Fruit
    Feature Film (Special Jury Prize)

    Soft Fruit

  19. Non mi basta mai
    Special Mention: Cipputi Award

    Non mi basta mai

  20. Pilgrimage
    Short Film (Special Jury Prize)


  21. 7/25 Nana-Ni-Go
    Holden Award for Best Script

    7/25 Nana-Ni-Go

  22. Rushmore


  23. Vampires


  24. Beside Myself

    Beside Myself

  25. Elimination Dance
    Best International Short Film (CinemAvvenire Award)

    Elimination Dance

  26. Blood Simple

    Blood Simple

  27. Christine


  28. The Thing

    The Thing

  29. Escape from New York

    Escape from New York

  30. The Fog

    The Fog

  31. Elvis


  32. Assault on Precinct 13

    Assault on Precinct 13