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Tokyo International Film Festival

  1. The Other Side of Sunday
    Best Actress Award

    The Other Side of Sunday

  2. A Moment of Innocence

    A Moment of Innocence

  3. Gabbeh
    Best Artistic Contribution Award


  4. Kolya
  5. The King of Masks

    The King of Masks

  6. Freedomfighters
    Special Jury Prize


  7. Jude


  8. In Full Gallop
    Special Jury Prize

    In Full Gallop

  9. A Drifting Life
    Silver Award

    A Drifting Life

  10. Think of Me

    Think of Me

  11. Last Holiday

    Last Holiday

  12. Le bel été 1914

    Le bel été 1914

  13. Bandwagon
    Bronze Award


  14. Maborosi


  15. The Quartet

    The Quartet

  16. Death and the Compass

    Death and the Compass