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Thessaloniki Film Festival

  1. On Body and Soul

    On Body and Soul

  2. The Wild Boys

    The Wild Boys

  3. Lucky
  4. I Am Not a Witch

    I Am Not a Witch

  5. Araby


  6. Western


  7. Closeness
  8. Tehran Taboo

    Tehran Taboo

  9. The Nothing Factory

    The Nothing Factory

  10. God's Own Country

    God's Own Country

  11. Under the Tree

    Under the Tree

  12. Those Who Are Fine

    Those Who Are Fine

  13. In the Fade

    In the Fade

  14. Columbus


  15. The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist

  16. Have a Nice Day

    Have a Nice Day

  17. The Party

    The Party

  18. Three Quarters

    Three Quarters

  19. Occidental


  20. Wajib


  21. Djam


  22. Let the Corpses Tan

    Let the Corpses Tan

  23. Lean on Pete

    Lean on Pete

  24. Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear

  25. On the Seventh Day

    On the Seventh Day

  26. Sweet Country

    Sweet Country

  27. I Dream in Another Language

    I Dream in Another Language

  28. A Ciambra

    A Ciambra

  29. In Syria
    Fischer Audience Award (Open Horizon Film)

    In Syria

  30. 1945


  31. Winter Brothers
  32. Golden Exits

    Golden Exits

  33. Le fort des fous

    Le fort des fous

  34. Beast


  35. Killing Jesus

    Killing Jesus

  36. The Cakemaker

    The Cakemaker

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