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Taipei Film Festival

  1. Nobody's Daughter Haewon

    Nobody's Daughter Haewon

  2. Love Battles

    Love Battles

  3. Closed Curtain

    Closed Curtain

  4. Free Fall

    Free Fall

  5. Jonathas' Forest

    Jonathas' Forest

  6. Reaching for the Moon

    Reaching for the Moon

  7. Northwest
    Special Mention: International New Talent Competition


  8. Youth
    International New Talent Competition - Grand Prize


  9. Matterhorn


  10. Soul
  11. Playing the Piano

    Playing the Piano

  12. Tomorrow Comes Today

    Tomorrow Comes Today

  13. One Night Home

    One Night Home

  14. Ye Zai

    Ye Zai

  15. Taipei Factory

    Taipei Factory

  16. Forever Love
    Best Screenplay

    Forever Love

  17. Watchtower


  18. Three Sisters

    Three Sisters

  19. Mekong Hotel

    Mekong Hotel

  20. Mold


  21. Boy Eating the Bird's Food

    Boy Eating the Bird's Food

  22. The Dead Man and Being Happy

    The Dead Man and Being Happy

  23. Call Girl
    International New Talent Competition (Audience Award)

    Call Girl

  24. The Dandelions

    The Dandelions

  25. Dark Blood

    Dark Blood

  26. White Night

    White Night

  27. Together
  28. Emperor Visits the Hell

    Emperor Visits the Hell

  29. The Black Square

    The Black Square

  30. A Rolling Stone

    A Rolling Stone

  31. When Wolf Falls in Love with Sheep
    Best Technical Achievements

    When Wolf Falls in Love with Sheep

  32. Loving
    PIXNET Movie Blogger Recommendation Award


  33. An Open Heart

    An Open Heart

  34. Poor Folk

    Poor Folk

  35. Baby Blues
    International New Talent Competition - Special Jury Prize

    Baby Blues

  36. Exhalation


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