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Taipei Film Festival

  1. Do Over
  2. Walking on the Wild Side

    Walking on the Wild Side

  3. One Day in Summer

    One Day in Summer

  4. No. 2

    No. 2

  5. Russian Dolls

    Russian Dolls

  6. The Iceberg

    The Iceberg

  7. Someone Else's Happiness

    Someone Else's Happiness

  8. Cold Showers
    International New Talent Competition - Grand Prize

    Cold Showers

  9. Look Both Ways

    Look Both Ways

  10. Familia


  11. Respire
    Special Mention: Taipei Grand Award


  12. Wedding Campaign

    Wedding Campaign

  13. Gradually...


  14. Blue Cha Cha

    Blue Cha Cha

  15. Citizen Dog

    Citizen Dog