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Sundance Film Festival

  1. Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs

  2. In the Soup
  3. Light Sleeper

    Light Sleeper

  4. The Living End

    The Living End

  5. Brother's Keeper
    Audience Award (Documentary Competition)

    Brother's Keeper

  6. Swoon
  7. Gas, Food Lodging

    Gas, Food Lodging

  8. The Tune

    The Tune

  9. Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy

  10. Color Adjustment

    Color Adjustment

  11. Zebrahead
    Filmmakers Trophy (Dramatic)


  12. The Waterdance
  13. In Search of Our Fathers

    In Search of Our Fathers

  14. Black and White

    Black and White

  15. Fathers & Sons

    Fathers & Sons

  16. Jo-Jo at the Gate of the Lions

    Jo-Jo at the Gate of the Lions

  17. Night on Earth

    Night on Earth

  18. Carne


  19. Edward II

    Edward II

  20. A Brief History of Time
  21. Johnny Suede

    Johnny Suede

  22. Proof


  23. Shoot for the Contents
    Documentary (Cinematography Award)

    Shoot for the Contents

  24. My Crasy Life
    Special Jury Recognition (Documentary Competition)

    My Crasy Life

  25. Young Soul Rebels

    Young Soul Rebels

  26. Mississippi Masala

    Mississippi Masala

  27. The Hours and Times
    Special Jury Recognition

    The Hours and Times

  28. Intimate Stranger

    Intimate Stranger

  29. Danzón


  30. Finding Christa
    Grand Jury Prize - Documentary

    Finding Christa

  31. Vegas in Space

    Vegas in Space

  32. London Kills Me

    London Kills Me

  33. Jumpin' at the Boneyard

    Jumpin' at the Boneyard

  34. Resonance


  35. Desperate

  36. Adorable Lies

    Adorable Lies

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