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Sundance Film Festival

  1. Tumbleweeds
  2. A Pregnant Moment

    A Pregnant Moment

  3. Treasure Island
  4. A Slipping-Down Life

    A Slipping-Down Life

  5. Guinevere
    Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award


  6. Run Lola Run
    Audience Award (World Cinema)

    Run Lola Run

  7. Black Cat, White Cat

    Black Cat, White Cat

  8. After Life

    After Life

  9. Lovers of the Arctic Circle

    Lovers of the Arctic Circle

  10. I Stand Alone

    I Stand Alone

  11. Train of Life
    Audience Award (World Cinema)

    Train of Life

  12. SLC Punk!

    SLC Punk!

  13. More
    Short Filmmaking Award


  14. Beshkempir: The Adopted Son

    Beshkempir: The Adopted Son

  15. Life on Earth

    Life on Earth

  16. The Wounds

    The Wounds

  17. Get Real

    Get Real

  18. Brakhage


  19. The Terrorist

    The Terrorist

  20. Party Monster: The Shockumentary

    Party Monster: The Shockumentary

  21. Hotel Belgrade

    Hotel Belgrade

  22. Trans


  23. Fishbelly White
    Special Jury Prize

    Fishbelly White

  24. Praise


  25. Louise (Take 2)

    Louise (Take 2)

  26. Beefcake


  27. The Adventures of Sebastian Cole

    The Adventures of Sebastian Cole

  28. Hitchcock, Selznick and the End of Hollywood

    Hitchcock, Selznick and the End of Hollywood

  29. The Living Museum

    The Living Museum

  30. Speedy Boys

  31. Day to Day

    Day to Day

  32. Hell for Leather

    Hell for Leather

  33. Regret to Inform
    Directing Award (Documentary)

    Regret to Inform

  34. 2 Seconds

    2 Seconds

  35. Life Is to Whistle
  36. El Norte

    El Norte

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