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Stockholm International Film Festival

  1. Jaya Ganga

    Jaya Ganga

  2. Grind


  3. Fargo


  4. Breaking the Waves
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Breaking the Waves

  5. Crash


  6. Drifting Clouds

    Drifting Clouds

  7. Kids Return

    Kids Return

  8. Tromeo & Juliet

    Tromeo & Juliet

  9. Bound
  10. Swingers


  11. Trees Lounge

    Trees Lounge

  12. The Stendhal Syndrome

    The Stendhal Syndrome

  13. I Shot Andy Warhol
    Best Actress

    I Shot Andy Warhol

  14. Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
    Bronze Horse

    Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

  15. A Self-Made Hero
    Best Screenplay

    A Self-Made Hero

  16. Gray's Anatomy

    Gray's Anatomy

  17. Box of Moonlight

    Box of Moonlight

  18. Female Perversions

    Female Perversions

  19. The Ogre

    The Ogre

  20. Things I Never Told You

    Things I Never Told You

  21. The Van

    The Van

  22. johns


  23. The Pallbearer

    The Pallbearer

  24. Curdled


  25. Lea


  26. Jerusalem


  27. Bámbola


  28. The Whole Wide World

    The Whole Wide World

  29. The Disappearance of Finbar

    The Disappearance of Finbar

  30. Goodbye 13!

    Goodbye 13!

  31. Portland


  32. To Have & to Hold

    To Have & to Hold

  33. Childhood's End

    Childhood's End

  34. Sélect Hôtel

    Sélect Hôtel

  35. Welcome to the Dollhouse

    Welcome to the Dollhouse

  36. Passeio com Johnny Guitar

    Passeio com Johnny Guitar

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