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Sheffield International Documentary Festival

  1. The Square
    Tim Hetherington Award

    The Square

  2. Dirty Wars

    Dirty Wars

  3. Particle Fever
    Audience Award

    Particle Fever

  4. God Loves Uganda
    Sheffield Youth Jury Award

    God Loves Uganda

  5. Google and the World Brain

    Google and the World Brain

  6. The Secret Life of Uri Geller

    The Secret Life of Uri Geller

  7. Basically, Johnny Moped

    Basically, Johnny Moped

  8. The Big Melt

    The Big Melt

  9. Pandora's Promise
    Sheffield Green Award

    Pandora's Promise

  10. The Act of Killing

    The Act of Killing

  11. F*ck for Forest
    Special Mention: Sheffield Green Award

    F*ck for Forest

  12. Mothers
    Special Mention


  13. Solar Mamas
    Best Female-Directed Film

    Solar Mamas