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Sheffield International Documentary Festival

  1. Elián


  2. Soldier


  3. Bayard & Me

    Bayard & Me

  4. White Riot: London

    White Riot: London

  5. Waiting for Hassana

    Waiting for Hassana

  6. Winnie


  7. Trophy


  8. Fish Story

    Fish Story

  9. Sanctuary


  10. The Force

    The Force

  11. HyperNormalisation


  12. Rat Film
    Special Mention: Youth Jury Award

    Rat Film

  13. Tower XYZ

    Tower XYZ

  14. An Insignificant Man

    An Insignificant Man

  15. The Road Movie

    The Road Movie

  16. Railway Sleepers

    Railway Sleepers

  17. Stranger in Paradise

    Stranger in Paradise

  18. Venus


  19. Ulysses in the Subway

    Ulysses in the Subway

  20. City of Ghosts
    Grand Jury Award

    City of Ghosts

  21. Risk


  22. Joe Cocker : Mad Dog With Soul

    Joe Cocker : Mad Dog With Soul

  23. You Have No Idea How Much I Love You
    Art Doc Award

    You Have No Idea How Much I Love You

  24. School Life

    School Life

  25. Death in the Terminal

    Death in the Terminal

  26. Contemporary Color

    Contemporary Color

  27. Best of Luck with the Wall

    Best of Luck with the Wall

  28. Still Tomorrow

    Still Tomorrow

  29. La Chana

    La Chana

  30. White Mountain

    White Mountain

  31. War Memorial

    War Memorial

  32. Uriel and Jade

    Uriel and Jade

  33. Unspeakable


  34. Undo


  35. Übermensch
    Special Mention: New Talent Award


  36. The Moderators

    The Moderators