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São Paulo International Film Festival

  1. Fireworks
    Critics Award


  2. The Ice Storm

    The Ice Storm

  3. Chasing Amy

    Chasing Amy

  4. The River
    Honorable Mention: Critics' Award

    The River

  5. The Life of Jésus
    International Jury Award

    The Life of Jésus

  6. Ossos


  7. The House

    The House

  8. The Crazy Stranger
    2nd Place: Best Feature (Audience Award)

    The Crazy Stranger

  9. Ma vie en rose
    3rd Place: Audience Award

    Ma vie en rose

  10. The Full Monty

    The Full Monty

  11. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Keep Cool

    Keep Cool

  13. Junk Mail
    Honorable Mention: International Jury Award

    Junk Mail

  14. The Truce
    Best Feature (Audience Award)

    The Truce

  15. Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel

    Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel

  16. The Way

    The Way

  17. Tierra
    Honorable Mention: Critics' Award


  18. Another Mother

    Another Mother

  19. Honey and Ashes

    Honey and Ashes

  20. The Champagne Safari

    The Champagne Safari

  21. The Kingdom

    The Kingdom