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San Sebastián International Film Festival

  1. Benny's Video

    Benny's Video

  2. The Oak

    The Oak

  3. An Independent Life

    An Independent Life

  4. Tito and Me
    Best Director (Silver Seashell)

    Tito and Me

  5. Manhattan by Numbers

    Manhattan by Numbers

  6. A Place in the World

    A Place in the World

  7. Forbidden Homework

    Forbidden Homework

  8. Dimissed from Life
  9. Langer Gang

    Langer Gang

  10. The Neighbor

    The Neighbor

  11. The Blue Hour

    The Blue Hour

  12. Inside Monkey Zetterland

    Inside Monkey Zetterland

  13. Edward II

    Edward II

  14. Highway Patrolman
    Best Actor

    Highway Patrolman

  15. Montreal Stories

    Montreal Stories

  16. On My Own

    On My Own

  17. Europa Europa

    Europa Europa