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San Sebastián International Film Festival

  1. The Tiniest Place

    The Tiniest Place

  2. Bonsái


  3. Blackthorn


  4. The River Used to Be a Man
  5. On the Edge

    On the Edge

  6. Extraterrestrial


  7. Back to Stay

    Back to Stay

  8. The Mexican Suitcase

    The Mexican Suitcase

  9. The Monk

    The Monk

  10. 11 Flowers

    11 Flowers

  11. Intruders


  12. Porfirio


  13. Seated by the Fire

    Seated by the Fire

  14. The Sleeping Voice

    The Sleeping Voice

  15. Cousinhood


  16. Madrid, 1987

    Madrid, 1987

  17. No Rest for the Wicked

    No Rest for the Wicked

  18. Amen


  19. Silver Tongues

    Silver Tongues

  20. Ending Note (Death of a Japanese Salesman)

    Ending Note (Death of a Japanese Salesman)

  21. Either Way

    Either Way

  22. Happy End
    Best Cinematography

    Happy End

  23. Unfair World
  24. Don't Be Afraid

    Don't Be Afraid

  25. Ulysses


  26. All Your Dead Ones

    All Your Dead Ones

  27. Mugaritz BSO

    Mugaritz BSO

  28. Pescador


  29. Anonymous


  30. Still Life
    Special Mention: New Directors Award (Zabaltegi)

    Still Life

  31. The Double Steps
    Golden Seashell

    The Double Steps

  32. Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis

    Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis

  33. The Cinema Hold Up

    The Cinema Hold Up

  34. Carrière: 250 Meters

    Carrière: 250 Meters

  35. The Last Friday
    Cinema in Motion Award

    The Last Friday

  36. ¿Quién fue Pilar Miró?

    ¿Quién fue Pilar Miró?