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San Francisco International Film Festival

  1. Vera Drake

    Vera Drake

  2. Light Is Calling

    Light Is Calling

  3. Triple Agent

    Triple Agent

  4. Double Dare
    Best Documentary Feature (Audience Award)

    Double Dare

  5. Chinese Dream
    Narrative Short Film

    Chinese Dream

  6. Everyday People

    Everyday People

  7. Coffee and Cigarettes

    Coffee and Cigarettes

  8. Love Me If You Dare

    Love Me If You Dare

  9. Games of Love and Chance

    Games of Love and Chance

  10. The Story of the Weeping Camel
    FIPRESCI Prize

    The Story of the Weeping Camel

  11. Since Otar Left...

    Since Otar Left...

  12. Beautiful Boxer

    Beautiful Boxer

  13. What Goes Up

    What Goes Up

  14. The Miracle of Bern
  15. Grimm


  16. Checkpoint
    Golden Gate Award (Documentary Feature)


  17. Hare Hunting

    Hare Hunting

  18. Bugs


  19. Loving Glances

    Loving Glances

  20. After You

    After You

  21. 15


  22. Whatever You Say

    Whatever You Say

  23. Squint Your Eyes

    Squint Your Eyes

  24. Matewan