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International Film Festival Rotterdam

  1. Picture of Light

    Picture of Light

  2. Go Fish

    Go Fish

  3. I Don't Hate Las Vegas Anymore

    I Don't Hate Las Vegas Anymore

  4. Starting Place/Point de départ

    Starting Place/Point de départ

  5. The Cow

    The Cow

  6. Venus in Furs

    Venus in Furs

  7. Twisting in Popenguine

    Twisting in Popenguine

  8. Ten Monologues from the Lives of the Serial Killers

    Ten Monologues from the Lives of the Serial Killers

  9. Crossing Borders

    Crossing Borders

  10. Breath of Life

    Breath of Life

  11. Private Eyes

    Private Eyes

  12. Under the Trees

    Under the Trees

  13. Old Tongues

    Old Tongues

  14. The Ashes of Pasolini

  15. A Seaside View

    A Seaside View

  16. A Contemporary Hero

  17. Little Lieutenant

    Little Lieutenant

  18. Five Orchestral Pieces

    Five Orchestral Pieces

  19. Waste Book Scenes

    Waste Book Scenes

  20. Lipstick

  21. Het rode visje

    Het rode visje

  22. A Silent Traveler

    A Silent Traveler

  23. Dark Summer

    Dark Summer

  24. Betraktelse

  25. At Ground Zero

    At Ground Zero

  26. Dachkammer


  27. Brief Gardens

    Brief Gardens

  28. An Autumn Wind

    An Autumn Wind

  29. Anna


  30. A Seaborne Opera

  31. Bad Apples

  32. The Wooden Man's Bride

    The Wooden Man's Bride

  33. Erotique


  34. Naked


  35. Sonatine


  36. True Romance

    True Romance

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