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Rome Independent Film Festival

  1. Hostiles


  2. Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse

    Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse

  3. Belle à croquer
    Best International Short Film

    Belle à croquer

  4. Off Path

    Off Path

  5. The Neue Nationalgalerie

    The Neue Nationalgalerie

  6. Nado de invierno

    Nado de invierno

  7. Core


  8. Rainbow: A Private Affair

    Rainbow: A Private Affair

  9. Bonboné


  10. I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth
    Special Mention: Feature Film Competition

    I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth

  11. Best Screenplay for Feature Film

    Like a Virgin

  12. La Recita

    La Recita

  13. On the Threshold

    On the Threshold

  14. Il nostro segreto

    Il nostro segreto

  15. Il campione

    Il campione

  16. Bug


  17. That Smell

    That Smell

  18. Bon voyage

    Bon voyage

  19. Pashi


  20. Her Red

    Her Red

  21. Funky Lola

    Funky Lola

  22. Dream Of Championship 879

    Dream Of Championship 879

  23. Destination Moon

    Destination Moon

  24. Dem Dem!

    Dem Dem!

  25. Once (In My Life)

    Once (In My Life)

  26. Oltre la finestra

    Oltre la finestra

  27. Quiet


  28. Nunca mas hermanos

    Nunca mas hermanos

  29. L’avenir


  30. Kolossal


  31. Insetti
    Best Italian Short Film


  32. Actus Reus

    Actus Reus

  33. 4 Battiti

    4 Battiti

  34. In aquis fundata

    In aquis fundata

  35. The Away Game
    Special Mention: National Documentary Competition

    The Away Game

  36. Caffè Sospeso

    Caffè Sospeso

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